Good news!

Isn’t it great to see the sun back again? All this blue sky is refreshing and inspiring and a sign that an exciting and busy summer is on its way.

So where are all these blog entries? Over a month of silence but a lot of things going on behind. I will just be brief and give a few highlights and images here but some more detailed news of anything to do with music photography can be found on my Loud Pixels BLOG here.

The freshest and biggest news this week is that Franck Trebillac and myself have the pleasure to announce that the Music Video of Born Dressed is finished and online for you to see!! We have received already a lot of great feedback and feel free to give you opinion on here. There should be a launch party soon, watch this space (or my Twitter account here). This was shot in part at the Brixton Dogstar, a really cool and stylish bar with the nicest staff. It is starring Roxy Velvet and of course Paul Gravity the man behind Born Dressed (and ex M.A.S.S. & Hey Gravity!). The BURNING HEAD website should be online soon and that will surely be an excuse for a new post.

Born Dressed – Coffee machine from BURNING HEAD on Vimeo.

End of April saw my exhibition at the Images En Scene festival at La Roche Posay in France where I presented 50 Digigraphie prints, alongside Francis Vernhet and Jacques Bisceglia to name a few, and a tribute exhibition of Alain Dister’s work. I appeared on French’s prime time news as you can see below. (Coincidentally I made an unrelated appearance on the BBC that very same week). The exhibition went very well and I thank Yves Lafosse, Didier Coupeau and really everyone in the team for their great work and welcome!

Marc Broussely – TV News from BURNING HEAD on Vimeo.

And to close this entry, a chosen portrait from my recent work, of talented dancer and actress Sophie Anneliese.

Sophie Anneliese, dancer - London, May 2010

Sophie Anneliese, dancer - London, May 2010

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